My Grace is Sufficient for Thee

Abba, Father, hear my plea,
I come to you on bended knee.
You've said, "My grace is sufficient for thee,"
But is it? Even for the likes of me?

I don't mean to question, I don't mean to doubt,
You've said You'll help me to stand, and provide a way out.
Your promises offer my only relief,
Lord, I believe, please forgive my unbelief.

My only solace Lord, is in Your hands,
As you teach me to listen and to understand.
Your Word is a lamp unto my feet,
You alone, deliver me from ill-will and deceit.

Your Spirit Lord, I want not to grieve,
I need to understand, I need to believe.
That to obtain Your Love, I need not strive and achieve,
You offer it freely to those who believe.

Lord, it's so hard for me to comprehend,
A love that's not earned and without end.
A love without "maybes" and "it depends",
A love unconditional even without ammends.

Lord, come to my aide in understanding,
How Your grace is sufficient and Your Love not withstanding.
For all that I've been and all that I am,
Has been washed clean, by the blood of the Lamb!
By Deb Williams


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