Testimony of Healing

This testimony of healing is from a friend (also named Debbie).
It is an awesome testimony to the healing power of Jesus Christ!!
Praise the Name of Jesus for He alone is worthy of all praise!

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I have been a Christian since I was nine years old. I have always lived for the Lord.
I have had a lot of trials and heartaches. In 1982 I had cancer in a class 4b stage.
I had Hodgkins Disease. It had spread into my bone marrow. I was given six months
to live unless chemo did a miracle. I was on chemo for 10 months (went past my six months, thank GOD). I went to a Spirit-filled revival and GOD healed me!

That morning I had went for chemo and x-rays and my doctor told me I was still in poor condition. That night I could hardly walk and was so sick at my stomach from chemo...but I wanted to go to this revival so bad...my mom took me.

I was called out of the audience and was anointed with oil. I knew instantly that I had been healed! I cannot explain the feeling, but it was like nothing I have ever felt before (or felt since then).
It was wonderful. I went in for chemo the next morning and I told my doctor I did not want to take
chemo because the Lord had healed me. He told me he believed in miracles, but the test the day
before showed him differently. I ask him to redo the tests. He said no. He explained to me
that if I did not take the chemo he would no longer be responsible for my health.

My mom begged me to take the chemo for her, so I did. Within 45 minutes after chemo,
I was on my way home and I became deathly ill and had an instant high fever.
My mother took me back to my doctor. I was rushed to the emergency room and put
in isolation for 9 days (no visitors etc). My mom could stay, but she had to stay
with me 24 hours a day because everything had to be sterile. She even had to wear
hospital clothes. My doctor thought I had hepatitis or something contagious.
Then it was all kinds of other infections. Every time the tests came back clear.

Finally after the ninth day he admitted that I no longer had cancer!
That I had seven different kinds of infections because my body had rejected the chemo.
Praise the Lord a million times!!! I have been in remission ever since!!!

When I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, I guess I was in shock.
I could not believe that I could have another major illness, especially since God healed me
from cancer. I still believe GOD can heal me, but if he chooses not to...
that is ok too. Many people are not as fortunate as I have been
to have a healing like I have had...and by rights, I should be dead. But through God's grace
I have lived 15 more years that I would not have been blessed with. I am doing my best
to live everyday to it's fullest and not worry about what could or could not happen with the MS.

Praise God!
Jesus Lives!

flowersPlease remember to pray for Debbie as she deals with the Multiple Sclerosisflowers
and awaits her healing from the Lord!

If you want to e-mail Debbie, just click on the little angel.

"Therefore we do not lose heart. Though outwardly we are wasting away,
yet inwardly we are being renewed day by day. For our light and momentary troubles
are achieving for us an eternal glory that far outweighs them all"
2 Corinthians 4:16, 17

Mercy in Jesus

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